New menu

Due to the lack of demand for our pork dishes we have decided to remove it from our menu, we have now added Tofu dishes as there has been higher requests for vegetarian dishes. Please have a look through our new menu to see which tasty dish you would like to try.


Tofu Dishes Available!

Due to high amount of request for Tofu we have decided to add it to our menu and it’s available from 01/09/17. We can cook Tofu in many different dishes so please feel free to call to find out what dishes are available.


Serving Halal

Here at The Golden Wok all our chicken and beef we use is Halal and sourced locally from Halal butchers around Fishponds and Easton. We also prep our Halal meat with great care in order not to contaminate with non Halal meat so we use seperate pots, woks, chopping boards, knives and also use different[…]